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Who Does Your Marketing?

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About The Geeks

Atmosfera is here to fulfill all of your marketing needs. With the owners 5+ years of experience training & working for Google Trends and Ads, we’ve learned first hand what is actually required to become and stay successful. Based in the Metro-Detroit area, we help national and international business capitalize their target market and grow. We pride ourselves in extremely fast results, futuristic enterprise strategies, trends & actions , our knowledge across all marketing platforms. We Also DON'T SLEEP!!! Let Atmosfera get you to the top and you can go back to running your business.

Why Atmosfera?

First one to show up last to leave! We offer a wide variety of professional Marketing Agency services (ppc, social,seo,photograghy, etc). We’ll work together & create a custom package that best suits your needs. Rise through the ranks from our tailored strategies that truly work. Finally get to where you want to be, and soar even further than you ever imagined was possible!

Who Does Your Marketing?


The Owner VonDre Working for the best search engine (Google) over 5 yearsAdopting Fortune 500 companies strategies and applying to small - medium businesses. 

Social Media

Engage customers with the business! Show customers and patients why they love you. Turning Likes and shares into dollar signs. $$$


Grow your website traffic the right way! Have customers find you for the right thing not just land on your website. Trend above your competition while scaling your website. 

Messenger Bots

Connect with your customers and patients via Facebook messenger. Collecting customer information while engaging them with your business


We’re full of Ex-Googlers & Google certified experts. Giving Atmosfera the ultimate edge in creating profitable campaigns.


Capturing breathtaking moments at angels many are afraid of. Capturing photos that’ll make the heart warm and increase engagement.

Video production

Scripted, shot and edited by the geeks. Letting customers know your business is not afraid of showing its face also capturing moments on film that tell stories.

Web Design

Either updating from your old design or creating something fresh our team of geeks will support you the entire way. Choose one of our templates or design your site from scratch.

Vondre Smith, Zookeeper

  • Live, Eat & Breath Marketing!

  • Owner of Atmosfera 

  • Reads a bunch

  • Certified Geek

Sloan MacDonald, Feeds Animals

  • Google Ad 

  • I Fight Kangaroos
  • I eat Most of the food in office

Riigz Webb, I Drink Coffee

  • I shoot angles others are afraid of

  • Coffee Lover

  • Undercover Super Saiyan

Hear It From Clients

Jason Dettbarnt, Addigy

"Von Dre has been INTEGRAL in helping to make our Google PPC and Remarketing efforts extraordinarily successful. He has not only helped on our conversion rates with a record number of conversions for Jan, and at the same time reducing our average cost-per-click."

Lets Get You A Slice Of R.O.I Pie

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