Who We Are

Brainiac Marketing Firm Hungry For Results

"The No Box Thinkers"

Atmosfera is a full premium marketing agency located in the heart of Detroit. Striving for excellence and “NO BOX” thinking to give our companies exactly the support they need to scale and grow. 

Founded in 2018 to help businesses truly serious about growth reach goals no one knew could be reached. Our main goal is to increase sales and your brand's awareness in your market ensuring you crush every one of your goals!

Why Choose Us?

Atmosfera thinks like there’s “no box” at all. This means we're always looking for new innovative ways to market your business along with “old school” proven strategies. Our goal is to optimize the way you convert your audience into customers ultimately building your customer base efficiently and effectively. We get to know your business as if it was ours to find the tools and build strategies that are specific to helping your brand. 

What You'll Get

The one word that comes to mind is RESULTS! We understand how important it is to get your voice heard; focussing on the content and strategy that will get your audience to respond. We help our clients optimize and automate the opportunities to reach their perfect customers. Ultimately reducing the chances for our clients to miss out on these opportunities to convert their audience. 


By building a burning desire for your product or service with your audience you’ll be able to retain your current customer base more effectively and reach new customers with the same characteristics.


The platforms we advertise our clients on are (Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked in & Billboards) Giving each of our client's maximum coverage and opportunities to convert their audience. 

Meet The Team

Daniel Timiraos

Design Artist

Former Top Sales Rep For Google USA. Vondre thinks without a box to keep companies growing to scale.

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Von'Dre Smith

CEO / Marketing Genius

Former Top Sales Rep For Google USA. Vondre thinks without a box to keep companies growing to scale.

Image by Karsten Winegeart


Head Of FUN

Fun is my business! Former shoe chewer turned bundle of joy!